Friday, January 8, 2010

The Sports Page - Mooresville

Overall Grade: D-
We arrived around 1PM, hoping for a quick lunch. Walked in, and the hostess told us we could sit anywhere and pointed to the dining room. We had our choice of several DIRTY tables. We finally chose the less disgusing one and waited....and waited. Eventually, someone came by and cleaned the table, acting like we were the stupid ones for sitting there. After waiting some more, a different server came by and gave us menus and got our drink orders. A third server brought us our drinks and then left. We waited around 10 minutes to even put in our lunch order. This is the point where I stop to mention that we were the ONLY table in the restaurant at this time and we'd seen at least 4 servers by now. The food was good, on the slightly higher side of prices, but still good. It is the only saving grace for this restaurant, keeping it from an F rating.
We got our food, and didn't see another server for at least half an hour. Finally, my husband went in search of someone to get our check. She came back, gave us our check, and vanished again. One would think that if you give a table their check, you'd hurry back to collect it because they are apparently ready to leave. After going hunting for a server to give the check to, we finally asked to speak with a manager. We paid our check, and waited some more. The manager never showed. I think waiting 10 minutes for a manager to come to your table when you are one of the now two tables in the restaurant is generous enough. opinon...keep driving. There are plenty of better quality and service restaurants two minutes further on hwy 150. We won't be returning to the Mooresville Sports Page.


  1. WOW! It's obvious that this post isn't a comment of an experience but a complete attempt to destroy a great establishment's reputation. It's one thing to be critical but to slam a family owned small business like Sports Page is appalling! This person is obviously miserable with themselves and should just stay home and eat instead of posting negative comments for the public to see. Constructive criticism is much more understandable and appreciated. I am a frequent diner at Sports Page and find this completely offensive. Thank you.

  2. To Giuseppe J: I am not attempting to "destroy a great establishment's reputation" as they are quite capable of doing that on their own. I don't care of a business is family owned, or a huge corporation, we look for the same qualities in every restaurant we visit. Everything written in the review of the Sports Page Mooresville was entirely accurate. Our visit was awful. This blog is an HONEST review of places we visit. I want to give readers a true representation of our experiences at each place we visit. Constructive criticism would have been offered at the restaurant if the management had bothered to come to our table like we had asked. Congratulations on having had a better experience at this restaurant.

  3. Just like every establishment, restaurants can sometimes have bad days. No one is perfect and I just wish the restaurant business was considered like every other establishment. If I never went to walmart, target or the gracoery store because of a bad experience then I would never be able to go shopping. Restaurants are ran by everyday people and a lot of times there are other things going on behind the seens that you may not know about. Especially if you have never worked in this industry. I hope you return to Sports Page because it is a great place but if not just think next time your insurance company, doctor's office or grocery store has a problem that cannot be solved immediately that you need to give them the same criticism as you hold restaurants. Also, I believe a lot of times especially when you are doing a blog like this that you are looking to find problems and sometimes you take you problems into the restaurant. PS Have you ever worked in this industry????

  4. Good Morning Kid Friendly Charlotte,

    My name is Chris Yelton and i was forwarded this blog about your dining experience at our Sports Page mooresville location as i am the General Manager of this location.
    I would like to apologize for the experience that you had with us as it is definitely not the way we like to do business. I have spoken with the manager that was on duty about the experience you and your family had with us and our entire management team are truly embarrassed by it. I would be more than happy to speak with you about this and would definitely be willing to offer you and your family a gift card for your next visit with us if you would be willing to give us another chance to take care of your family the way that all of our customers deserve to be taken care of.
    You can contact me through email at or at the restaurant at 704-662-8851.
    We apologize again and i look forward to hearing from you

    Chris Yelton
    General Manager

  5. To Jenn:
    Yes, I look at every establishment, restaurant, store or other in the same light. The purpose of this blog is not to slam restaurants or any places, but to highlight those places that are great for families. To answer your question, yes, I have worked in the restaurant industry. I was a server for several years.
    I will also be contacting Chris Yelton, the general manager to discuss our recent visit to the Sports Page Mooresville