Monday, January 11, 2010

Hendricks Motorsports Museum and Team Shops

Today we visited the Hendricks Motor Sports Museum and Team Shops. Located just minutes from Charlotte Motor Speedway, the museum is free for all visitors. Inside the museum, you can see different race cars, trophies as well as purchase team merchandise. Older children would like seeing the cars and trophies, while younger ones may get bored easily. The merchandise ranged in price, from a $4.99 stuffed Jeff Gordon bear, to higher priced team jackets and other memorabilia. You can also visit the team shops. One shop is for the 24 and 48 teams of Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson, and the other shop is for the 5 and 88 teams of Mark Martin and Dale Earhardt Jr. When you walk into the 24/48 shop, you see two more cars, as well as a wall full of championship trophies and another section of race trophies. You can then walk around a mock track and look into the actual team shop to see the employees working on the cars. Older children might find this exciting, toddlers would be bored. The 5/88 shop was much the same, this time, you looked through a wall of windows into the shop. I wonder if the employees feel like animals at the zoo...being watched all the time.
If you're a Hendrick's fan, or even a NASCAR fan, it's worth checking out. There is a lot of history in the small museum. Great free outing for older kids!

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