Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nevoles Pizza

We, like 99% of Americans, LOVE Pizza. Therefore, we decided to check out a new pizza place in south Denver. Nevoles Pizza isn't a big restaurant, but what the lack in floor space, they make up for in taste. We all ordered the "lunch special." We were told it was 2 "huge" slices of pizza and a drink for $4.99. Sounded like a good deal to us at the time. Our food arrived and it was an entire pizza, 6 slices. The slices were huge, just as they had been described. They barely fit on the plate. You could tell that everything was homemade. The crispy thin crust and the sauce were the stars of the show. We've been to Nevoles several times now, only once for dinner. The servers said that it was the busiest Friday night they'd had, and yet, our food arrived quickly, our drinks were never empty and we still had a great time. So, if you're around the Hwy 16 & 73 intersections, check out Nevoles Pizza. Tell them we sent you! You won't be disappointed!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Buffalo Beals

Buffalo Beals is a small animal park in Catawba County. I was unsure of just what we'd find, but we were all pleasantly surprised. As we drove along the entrance, we saw a large fenced in field with several varieties of goat, as well as some furry little critters that I just have no idea of!
We met a man (The owner, I think) and he told us a bit about the park and gave us directions. The admission fee was $6 for adults,children 12 - 3 are $4 and children 3 and under are free. We also purchased a bag of carrots, and two bags of grain feed for the animals at $1 each.
We walked past the fenced are with the sheep, goats, and other critters who very apparently know the sound of a shaking food bag. They all came to the fence to greet us. Many of them would eat the feed out of our hands, leaving a slobbery "thank you." We continued along, where we saw a crane, talking parrot, who would say "hello" as we passed and a large ostrich. We then met two camels, both of which loved eating the grain from our hands, but were a little over eager and decided to nibble on my entire hand. After wiping off the large amounts of camel slobber, which by the way, is as disgusting as it sounds, we arrived at the young giraffe. He was adorable, and the recipient of most of our carrots. I just couldn't say no to those huge "puppy dog" eyes. He (we're calling him he because I thought it rude to take a peek "under the hood") had the most amazing tongue, it would come out and wrap around the carrots. I was finally pulled away from my new giraffe BFF and we came upon a little black monkey. I wish I remembered what kind he was, because he was beautiful. I handed him several carrots and he crunched away. They also have a babboon, and a chimpanzee named J.R. as well as several other monkeys. Unfortunately I can't remember what kinds they were. We kept walking, seeing emus, zebras, bison, llamas, a wolf, several varieties of deer and two different kangaroos.
We couldn't have been more surprised at the number of different animals and how well they were kept. Around half way down the trail, they have restrooms, a playground and picnic shelters if you want to make a day trip out of your animal adventure. We will absolutely be going back! A big two thumbs up to Buffalo Beals!

The Sports Page - Mooresville (return visit)

After much deliberation on our part, we decided to once again visit The Sports Page in Mooresville. This time, Sunday afternoon. We were seated immediately, the restaurant was already quite busy with the after church crowd. Our server was right there and got our drink orders. She was wonderful. We placed our order and watched the crowds. Our food arrived promptly, and was delicious. The small grilled grouper salad was huge! I can't imagine anyone being able to finish a large! The grouper was perfect! I had a chicken sandwich. It was great. I am so happy to report that we had a fantastic experience this time around. I was skeptical going into the restaurant, seeing as how it was so much busier than the previous visit, but thrilled to say it was a great experience. Thank you, Sports Page!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Butcher Boy's Cafe - Sherrill's Ford NC

Overall Review: B+
Home cooking, southern style favorites and more are on the menu at this restaurant. A simple, self seating restaurant, has a breakfast and lunch buffet on the weekends, and simple, southern favorites on the menu.
Excellent food, the service is usually very good, with several servers checking in on the tables, bringing drinks, food, whatnot.
The atmosphere is what you'd expect from a simple southern family restaurant. It's sometimes crowded, especially during weekend buffet hours, but it's more cozy than crowded. Kids under 3 eat free from the buffet, and they have smaller portioned kids items on the menu.
So, if you're looking for a simple weekend breakfast, check it out. Just beware, tons of UNC memorabilia on the walls, you're definitely entering Tar Heel Turf, but try not to hold that against them...we don't!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

On the Border - Northlake

Overall Review: A
Once again, craving for Mexican hit and I found another On the Border Restaurant for lunch. I was tentative at first, having had such a great experience at the Concord location. Luckily, everything was once again excellent. Our server, knowledgable about the menu and fun to talk with. The manager was very visible, walking around, talking to tables. I mentioned it was our second OTB stop in a week, and she laughed, saying "well, that's a good thing!" We didn't have any issues, but overheard the table behind us being rather unreasonable, even so, the staff and management were professional and helpful and were able to please even the pickiest of customers. We overheard the conversation, the server said that if the customer didn't like hot things, she probably wouldn't like a specific menu item. The customer ordered it anyway, and low and behold, it was too hot for her. The server apologized (although, she had nothing to be sorry for) and quickly brought her something different. The manager even came out and apologized that the item was too hot for the customer. They should be proud of the level of customer service!

Midtown Sundries - Denver

Overall review: B+
This Midtown, relatively new to Denver was extraordinarily clean, making us quite happy! They have a great selection of menu items for kids, far beyond just chicken fingers and fries. The servers were great and able to suggest special menu items.
Definitely more kid friendly for lunch, it is, after all, a sports bar. Older kids will like watching the huge TV's, while younger ones might not be as amused. You may want to check with them before hand, especially on a weekend night, before taking your kids. They sometimes have live music, or get a bit rowdy during sporting events. Possible date night location?

Westlake Family Restaurant - Denver

Overall Review: A
Westlake is a small, family owned country style restaurant. Only open 6 am - 2 pm, they serve breakfast all day. Exactly what you'd expect to find on a southern menu, omelets, biscuits, gravy, pancakes, with a few specials, like Italian and turkey or chicken sausage. Their lunch menu has veggie plates, burgers, hot dogs, fries as well as seafood, Greek and Italian specialties, from homemade lasagna to gyros.
The atmosphere is casual at best, everyone is welcoming and the servers all know your name. For little ones, they have special "Mickey Mouse" Pancakes as well other kid friendly items.
If you're in the Denver area and looking for a great home style place for breakfast or lunch, check them out.