Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nevoles Pizza

We, like 99% of Americans, LOVE Pizza. Therefore, we decided to check out a new pizza place in south Denver. Nevoles Pizza isn't a big restaurant, but what the lack in floor space, they make up for in taste. We all ordered the "lunch special." We were told it was 2 "huge" slices of pizza and a drink for $4.99. Sounded like a good deal to us at the time. Our food arrived and it was an entire pizza, 6 slices. The slices were huge, just as they had been described. They barely fit on the plate. You could tell that everything was homemade. The crispy thin crust and the sauce were the stars of the show. We've been to Nevoles several times now, only once for dinner. The servers said that it was the busiest Friday night they'd had, and yet, our food arrived quickly, our drinks were never empty and we still had a great time. So, if you're around the Hwy 16 & 73 intersections, check out Nevoles Pizza. Tell them we sent you! You won't be disappointed!

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